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  • Deson Technology Holdings Ltd

    Deson Technology Holdings Limited (“Deson Technology”) is engaged in the business of systematic integration of intelligent buildings. As a pioneer of intelligent building construction in Hong Kong, Deson Technology is a founding member of the Asian Institute of Intelligent Buildings Limited (AIIB) and is involved in the projects of intelligent buildings both in provinces and cities of China and in Hong Kong.
    In order to provide the best full range service, Deson Technology has set up associated companies with internationally renowned companies of intelligent building, and acts as an agent for high-quality and advanced intelligent building products of different countries (e.g. Israel, Taiwan, Singapore and Germany, etc.). Visonic Deson Limited is one of the joint venture set up with a worldwide leading security company in Israel, Visonic Group. It provides a full range of wired and wireless security devices and systems. The wide range of applications includes residential estates, commercial offices, shops, hotels, hospitals, museums, prisons and etc. Apart from this, Deson Technology also actively participates in the development of new intelligent building products (including related software and hardware). Local Area Network-based Intelligent Management System (LIMS), the first Innovation Technology Fund project of HKSAR Government, is one of the most representative R&D projects undertaken by Deson Technology.
    Following are the companies that control by Deson Technology:
    ˙ Deson Innovative Limited
    ˙ Deson Technology Limited